I wish things were different

A seemingly happy person.

This has got to be a favorite among many people in doubt, debt and dismay. It mostly manifest in an internal plea for the imagine alternative; the what could have been.

I could have been a rock star, a doctor , the next Bill Gates. It’s something that affects us all; the yearning to be greater. The desperate desire for escape from the reality you live in. The media doesn’t really help your situation. Exquisitely sculpted Photoshopped fiends and adobe abs serve as a reminder of how much of a loser you are. But is at all that bad; the life your are living.

Well lets say you have a little work that gets you and your children by, you have a semi-supportive family unit (cause you always have the wicked/evil/worthless that you just can’t stand) and a spouse who caresses and takes care of financial obligations; you swimming in warm tropical seas compared to ninety percent of the world.

So lets say you have two of the three, why would you want more? It varies from person to person because we are all different. The level of satisfaction gained from one item such as owning you own home may be less for one and more for the other. So the one who got less satisfaction from the ownership will strive to have more.

It is the fact that we are humans, a species designed to hunt and seek the best this life has to offer which makes us thirsty for more. Because the life of the worlds wealthiest person seems mundane, bland and predictable in his/her eyes. While we on the outskirts of wealthy town are home in our couches eating ice saying in out minds, ‘I wish I was him’. The irony is that same insanely rich person might be sitting on his mahogany framed 15th century French sofa laid symmetrically on his 100 B.C. Persian rug saying to himself, ‘I hate my cursed life.’

Moral: Don’t throw away what you have just because something seems shiny and new and is blinding your eyes even behind your knock-off bargain shades.


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