Tell Daddy happy fathers day; if you know him.

Dad and daughter

Hey daddy I love you, pops you’ve always been there, daddy you is mammy and daddy. These are few of the love packed feelings which morbidly express during Fathers Day, a day that takes timeout to highlight the achievements of Fathers!!! i.e. men who face up to their responsibilities.

In the Caribbean we see a terribly disparity regarding the lacking male presence in the homes. Weh the man dem deh? Who knows? The men are packing up and heading for the high seas as soon as him hear, “baby me pregnant.” But! he won’t just runaway like Usain Bolt on a fresh track. He will sweet talk you, ” baby you is mi only, me love muffin, mi pookie bear, me you and the baby gon be happy” And you fall hook, line and sinker. He stick around for a final feel off you love chamber and when satisfied and you sleeping. SWOOOSH!! him gone! Forever.

But in the long turn the one who bares the tremendous heartache is the innocent child left behind. The fragile and untapped mind which will grow never knowing a fathers love. While many argue that girls are affected most and daddy leaving is associated with teen pregnancy, I believe its the boys who suffer more psychological. A man in the making the young boy is liable to make the same mistakes as dad no matter how much mommy explains how she was heart-broken and traumatized by he lovers departure and that he should never do that to a girl. It most like won’t get through. Just like his fathers mothers message didn’t get through. The boy needs a man in his life to show him the way.

So when all the kids are running around playing with their dads what will the father less child be doing? Imagining  what could have been if daddy was in his/her life and will likely find a lonely corner and cry. Don’t think this only affects kids, because adults go through the same stress and pain year after year, day by day , minute by minute.

Read, ‘I wish things were different’


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