The family table.

Its that time of day when the entire family father, mother, sister, brother, aunt, third second cousin on your great-grant mother’s side sit around the table in awkward silence for what your mom hoped was going to be a great dinner. The generation gap? Who knows, but one thing is for sure the family has seen better days. The days, those days, way back when your huggies was filled to capacity and daddy held you with loving scorn kissing your chubby cheeks and he would laugh in unmeasurable burst and you would giggle and giggle and giggle some more as your swirled around pretending your superman. How did we get from there to this. Life.

Its the painful truth that as humans we are bound to grow apart as our interest changes and we work towards our goals. *Timeout for all those making marriages work* YES! we gotta grow, let go of fuzzy feelings (for a while) in preparation for global exploration. But regardless of changing times one thing will always be in our hearts; the good times we had as a family. These good times seems to manifest at the family table even if its done by blundering force, there still memories, good times, bad times and everything in between. Especially here in the Caribbean where we have the tradition of Sunday Dinner and everyone gather around and eat lovely food, recapping the week of we partake in cooked delights.

So no matter how old you get, fed up with life and all things associated with it, if you can’t make it to the table take some time out to love yourself, the ones who love you and all things deserving of adoration. Life is splendid and you should never give up on family regardless of how much they get under your skin, borrow and doubt pay or just can never remember when you loaned them your lucky chain.

When life is giving you lemons, if your the type call up some friends or family, have a little get together at the one of your houses and squeeze some laughs out of you tired and frustrates body.

Family Table



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