Family in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom(especially England)

Jamaica and the United Kingdom pin.

If your a West Indian this has got to be one of the things that incorporate the many facets of your life; staying in touch with a sparsely scattered family unit. With call rates being what they are it may be no easy task to always giving the overseas fam a hail.

So why are so many of our mother fathers, aunts, sister and brothers spread out across the world. Its because we as Caribbean people strive for better and anywhere in the world opportunity presents itself we will take advantage with swiftness. Over recent years several university graduates have taken up the mantle and decided to travel to China, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines to teach English or work in tourism field. Sure this migration pattern is not unique to Caribbean but one has to appreciate the fact that due to our size and and scattered geological composition factored with a growing population is becoming more and more difficult for our islands and countries to support us all.

No one can call us leaches or free loaders in their land because we go there work, very hard! Furthermore in the early 20th century millions of people were leaving Europe for the United States, Canada and South America to escape poverty, starvation and plague. This tremendous exodus gave the European economy much needed breathing room and was critical point in the history of its development.

So to all my Caribbean family living abroad keep your head up and work hard to achieve you goals, knowing that we must make better for ourselves, family and country. but remember to never forget where your coming from especially if you have children as was explored in a previous article. Barrel children and the Caribbean diaspora.

I know it isn’t easy but whenever you can can give your family and friends in the island a call, you should. The same should be expected from the people back home, they should be calling you to comfort you and ease your heated tension in the unforgiving snow. This is were a problem presents itself for a lot of people; when they call the family or the family call them, all the ones abroad hear is: “you nah sen money, you nah file fe me?, me want new shoes, me hungry, you forget we? you don’t member me?” and then its straight dial tone. STRAIGHT!

Have little compassion man! Because its the impression that when you go abroad you become a comic-book sentinel and the idea that money drop offa tree that leads many families to drift apart. So respect each other position member that some in the cold toiling and barely a survive, while some are in countries where the people look nothing like them and have to deal with awkward stares and rude remarks on a daily basis.

Stay strong!


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