Claiming Caribbean Abroad

When you travel to other countries do you big up your homeland? Well I know one thing for sure the strong and varied accents across the Caribbean are not easily ignored when you venture into snow land. Where are you from? is a common question, so how do you answer?

I always find it interesting; the fascination with Caribbean identity  in places like the United States, Canada, England and all over the vast a meandering terrain of the African continent. It somehow feels like they know we are a force to be reckoned with. From Vincy to Bajan to Trini to Dominican(always a get mix up) all the way across to Belize we are a unique bunch. Our music, art and life is the subject of envy and badmind, but haters can’t stop we. We moving forward. Coming from a history of bondage, plight and fear we are are growing stronger day by day making our voices be heard politically on an international scale plus from Bob Marley and Billy Ocean days we music have the world head a spin. Its truly lovely.

Whats your favourite feature of Caribbean life? The good up good up food, the night life the people, the sun, there is just so much to love.




  1. People in the Caribbean have a strong connection with each other. From whatever country in the Caribbean you’re from, there’s always a special bond between Caribbean people. Caribbean people know what and how other Caribbean people are. You can’t find that anywhere else in the world…

    • This is very true Melanie, what I think is that regardless of difference in geographic location there is this immense undercurrent of togetherness throughout the region. It is a bond we must tap into as we move to the future. The love is alive!


      Sorry I took so long but I was bouncing around ideas for the site. I promise more content in the weeks to come, just be a little more patient 🙂

      Thanks for your support so far!

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