On the bus.

Country bus.

For me its an experience like no other. The simple pleasure derived from traversing the island landscape on a local bus or on a maxi can’t be measured.

If you are traveling on a large vessel through the hills and bushes and your alone in your row with your eyes left to wonder, your mind has the rear pleasure in these times of simply being at rest.

Interesting as opposed to just shutting down after being at ease your splendid brain does the opposite and springs to vibrant life. Ideas blast through as your imagination runs wild. It’s special because you feel no stress, sorrow or grief, just at ease as you take your time to enjoy the sights and craft new ideas for tomorrow.

So if you ever get the chance I would advise just going somewhere, anywhere! If you live it the states get on a Grey Hound and see what your surroundings offer. I know a lot of you may feel the way I felt while living in ‘farin’. “Lawd a massy, why it so cold?” So to avoid the frost you stay inside; warm and toasty.

It’s approaching the summer and I would say get out more, get to know the place and enjoy yourselves. But of course New York aint Trini, Vincy or even reminiscent of the West Indies for that matter, but hey there’s not much you do about.

Live and love


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