Sexuality virility and manliness in the Caribbean.

Throughout the Caribbean there seems to be a widespread and colossal obsession with being a sexual stud among the men. It isn’t about the art of pleasuring a woman or the satisfaction in her delight that gives pleasure, but the sense that he is some kind of young gun or ‘Stulla’ as Jamaicans say. But why is so much attention put on being a tiger as opposed to a lover in bed?

Well that’s not on easy one and the most obvious assumption would be Dancehall or Soca music because there infectious instrumentals and catchy lyrics tend to be ripe and bearing with strong and sometimes rude sexually expressions. From Vybz Kartel to Machel Montana to Mr. Vegas its all about being a champion in bed or as Shabba Ranks puts it a “bedroom bully” SHABBA! lol

Case in point Mr. Vegas’s latest banger

Even though in this song the emphasis is placed on the females ability to ‘Bruk it Down’. The lyrics still implies the men must be large and in charge when its time for action. The women should take some credit for the behavior of the men since they are very vocal of the type of men they like and most openly admit that if your no stulla your wasting there time.

Out of all the men in the Caribbean probably no other group is more vocal about there sexual prowess than the Jamaicans who seem to be convinced there the greatest thing to happen to to women since life itself. There is a specific topic I want to post about the Jamaican men/ Yaardy’s and its all about their hypocrisy concerning the oral end of sexual pleasure. It is a topic that has been explored very publicly by numerous Jamaican figures such as Dr. Kingsley “Ragashanti” Stewart who is adamant that he has never gone down there before yet can tell you any and every technique.

In the meantime, here are some long time gems, enjoy.

Buju Banton ft Carol González – No Second Class Love

Shabba Ranks – Mr. Lover Man

Terror Fabulous ft Nadine Sutherland – Action

Mad Cobra – Flex (Time to Have Sex!)


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