Are you ashamed to go out with your significant other?

When you go out in public with your significant other based on how he/she looked once as opposed to how they look now? Has the six pack been lost to the twelve pack of soda, are the once banging curves now thunder thighs? How do you feel about your spouse not being what he or she one was?

Well in the Caribbean we’ve always made it quiet clear how we feel often through music.

Exhibit A: Mac Fingall – Big Belly Man

In this soca epic the Bajan maaga man made it abundantly clear what he knows what the ladies like and a big belly is not in the portfolio. Now imagine a big man walking down the streets with his lady and hears this. LOL….awkward!

But how how do you think the woman would feel?

Exhibit B: Admiral Bailey – Big Belly Man

In this corner we have the Dancehall come back and the response is basically; talk all you want is me she with cause me got it(money) like that!

So would you be someone you not physically attracted to for likes?

And for the ladies:

Exhibit C: Red Rat – Shelly-Anne

So what if Shelly Anne decided to change her ways, would you proudly stroll the town hand in hand without feeling…like someone is looking at you.(O_0).



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