Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, People and the Media

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West or KimYe for short.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West or KimYe for short.

Hollywood power couple? Maybe.

Self absorbed, egotistic rug rats? Why yes!

Hated, despissed and even adored? Most definitely.

Dumb? NO!!!

Let me explain. ūüôā

Ever since the historic moment when Flavor of Love seeped through the cracks and entered the domain known as guilty pleasures, marketers, executives and random people seeking to become stars have dreamt of doing ignorant, freaky and outrageous madness with the hope of being caught and camera and there video going viral on youtube.

Many have tried, many have failed. Montana Fishburne However! After the choking dust only a few were left standing, towering without shame they waltz into our living room. Reality Tv is now upon us.

The most notorious personality in the post Flavor of Love/Flavor Flav era is bar none Kim Kardashian, who has become rich and famous due to her sex tape with washed up R&B singer Ray J. Kim has managed to capture our attention through clever theatrics which leave us saying, ” she’s so dumb”, ¬†“what a slut” , “what a brain dead whore”….etc. One may think to his/herself these comments are so mean, why would anyone write these, I hope Kim doesn’t see these. Truth is these are exactly the kind of comments that keep Kim relevant. The saying haters make me stronger has been pushed to knew¬†heights¬†thanks to this woman and her crazy family which has just been expanded with the addition of another maniac the one and only Kanye ” Taylor Swift gimme this mic” West.

Kanye "Kim's new pet/ boyfriend" West"

Kanye “Kim’s new pet/ boyfriend” West”
With this guys ego Kim won’t be infront for too long.

Dating Kanye West whether it be sincere or an elaborate arrangement owed to their agents these to hated creatures are getting more covering than the 2008 Presidential Elections. Speaking of presidents who could ever forget the “jackass” comment by President Barack Obama. Wow! Can someone say free¬†publicity.

In analyzing the pairing of demons celebrities I have deduced a new equation (Ye) X (KK) = pAYday. I mean, come on! Just think about it, these two are geniuses (well maybe one i.e. Kanye) but the other one must at least have a functioning brain. While others are busy trying to be adored by the mainstream these two are riding high and getting more fame off the fact that they are both hated. It should be studied as a new marketing model, I’ll dub it, ‘the KimYe effect’ – I must remember to trademark that.

So what do you guys think. Am I on to something here? Leave comments below. Thank You.


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