Snoop Lion and Rasta Integration

Snoop Lion

For those who aren’t already aware, famed American rapper Snoop Dogg has been “reincarnated” through Rastafari and has been in Jamaica for awhile absorbing the rasta faith. Now what I find most interesting is the massive wave of popular support on the internet. What is fascinating is the fact that an American has taken on the religion of a foreign land and nobody seems to be asking any serious questions like “do you still believe in hell/heaven” or “is Jesus still your Lord and Savior”. No its all about weed and all other stereotypical rasta traits.

Now regardless of Snoop Lions sincerity he took it upon himself to seek the meaning of life through the understanding of rasta as a result he is following in the footsteps of many popular artist turn ras. These artist include, Capleton, Bob Marley, Yami Bolo as well as many others. With the change to rasta resonated in the music which came after i.e. Bob Marley went from party man to African rebel and Capleton went from badman to Bingi man.

Lets see how this plays out. Whether its a sincere spiritual journey or an ignorant attempt to stay relevant in the declining musical sphere.


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