Sitting and watching

Another day another thought and I’m just here sitting and watching; the unbounded hypocrisy which festers in abundance in Jamaica. For anyone reading a tour guide of our undoubtedly beautiful island in the sun, a man with dreadlocks may be something you expect to see, you know Bob Marley. With that image of a Rasta something else comes to mind even if its not shoed in the guide; thats right, herb/weed/ganja/sensi/kushunpeng whatever you want to call it. 

The image of a rasta smoking a ganja spliff has become a staple brand and is forever attached to the perception of Jamaica and Jamaicans by foreigners(farina). So when they get off the plane, kick of their sandals and lay in the sun on the sure of the private beach of the hotel, absolutely nothing would make the sunset more pristine than a stick of collie to help forget all the stress you’ve behind for the weekend.

While in the hotel you will smoke weed, while out in public you will smoke a joint, while in the river taking a tour of the country side, you will be smoking weed. In fact, you will leave the island thinking the herb is perfectly legal in JA. The truth is its very illegal and can result in hard time and criminal charges. Not to mention the occasionally beat down by police if you look poor or “ghetto”.

So why then, why can tourist partake of the medical gift which can just pop up in your garden while locals are hunted and jailed. Several factors affect this, weed is seen as poor people something and not of any class or decorum, the image of Jamaica as a spot for stoners has already been sold so the hotels work with it, politicians make revenue off cigarettes plus the grand daddy of them all; Uncle Sam. If Jamaica ever thinks of legalizing the plant we will be sanctioned and probably invaded. If they did it to Grenada, they will bomb us as well.


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