Bleaching in Jamaica

Bleachaz a Kingston

 The disastrous situation in Jamaica revolves around the madness of bleaching the skin, I for one cannot rap my head around it. Many bleachers express their opinions on bleaching saying, “it tun up me face”, “it mek me look pretty” and “a ‘browning’ the man dem want”.  The last quote, ” a browning the man dem want” is one which is not uncommon in Jamaica, once a man would be ashamed to say he wants a woman simply because she is light skinned and would even feel guilty, thinking he’s been caught in the plantation mentality where light is right and black tek ten step back. But now, hell! Everybody a mek it plain as day seh a browning them want an refuse to settle.

This epidemic and the views expressed by the men especially concerning preference in women represent an underlying current of lack of worth which has been dormant in the Jamaican psyche as far back as you can imagine. Another interesting trend I realize is that the preference for lighter shades exists in abundance in the men and is rear in females; even the one who are bleaching. To tell the truth the typical Jamaican female doesn’t really mind colour as long as they have a good man in their lives he could be brown or as black they come, she doesn’t mind. In fact a large number of them(not all) prefer men who are very dark, with predominantly African features while some have a taste for those on the fairer side.

The problem of skin bleaching in Jamaica was once associated with females and females only but now it would seem the men are doing it more than the women. Leading to a drastic rise in chrome faces island wide even though the government  has banned all sales of these products. The black is alive and well and the man dem jus a run een.

Take a look at this young man transformation.

Fifty Shades of…..colour?

As if it wasn’t bad enough a very popular artist known as Vybz Kartel, who has long condemned the act stating every chance he got, “Badman nuh bleach” just appeared one day as a fully altered human being.


Something is going wrong, because as oppose to being ostracized Kartel had the full support of the Chromaz set, who rolled out in unparalleled support.

A which part the Rasta them deh when all a this going on?



  1. Good blog. Sadly this has been prominent in Jamaica and parts of the black community in the UK. for decades. Only now many are proud and open about their “fool-fool” actions. With some of the bleaching creams banned during my spell in UK customs people have resorted to things like toothpaste to bleach.

    • Yes! very true. You would be surprised by some of the vile concoctions they create. Bleaching is banned in Jamaica so they mix curry powder and tooth paste and apply the potentially harmful mix to their faces.
      It breaks my heart 😦

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