Homosexuality in the Media

Homosexuality and the media.

Over the past few years I’ve observed a consistent rise in homosexual content in the media i.e. television, internet, movies…etc. It comes as no surprise to me as society tries to move forward with acceptance of the dynamic array of people who give it life. In spite of social progression I’ve noticed a very backward attitude in all of this, where it is somehow wrong to voice personal dislike for a particular lifestyle.

It is truly amazing when a citizens democratic right to voice disapproval is seeming stripped with regards to the gay lifestyle. The conservative mind state of  “traditional”  values and lifestyle are not acknowledged and instead they are vilified simple if they show disapproval.

Personally I have no prejudice regarding the way people go about living their lives but why ostracize the ones who do? When I was in the United States a store owner simply said, “I don’t like the idea of  homosexuality to me its just wrong” people looked at him as if they were thirsty for blood while others put back the groceries and left.

Now I know that through the media a designed mind state of acceptance is being perpetuated where gays are cool, single sex marriages is just a right as heterosexual unions and if you don’t like it your unfair and some kind of cruel human being.

What I think this is doing is raising tensions as I heard parents both in the Caribbean and in the US comment on subtle and explicit gay content being promoted to children. Many who complain end up having to transfer their children because the school is afraid of losing precious funds in these trying times.

The last thing we want is more divide, so I would suggest that the people be free to express themselves.

In fact I need to write about Les Green an English police sent to investigate hate crimes targeted at gay Jamaicans in which he came to the conclusion, “It’s just the hype from some who claim Jamaica is very anti-homosexual, but the reality is far from that. There are many homosexuals who live and work freely in Jamaica.”

Yet in the media Jamaica is reported as being, “the most homophobic place on Earth”. The sad part is people believe this vile non-sense. In the next blog I’m you will find Les Green conclusions very far away from the conventional media norm regarding homosexuality and Jamaica.


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