Reverend Ronald Thwaites as pulled the plug on a book which, “promotes homosexuality “

Ronald Thwaites

Jamaican Member of Parliament(MP) Reverend Ronald “Ronnie” Thwaites as pulled the plug on a book which, “promotes homosexuality “.

Here is an extract from the Jamaica Gleaner website.

The book is used by guidance counsellors to help them in steering high school students in their health and family life education programme.

But since a TVJ News exposé on Thursday night, there has been outrage that the book is endorsing homosexuality.

“I consider sections of the material inappropriate for any age and certainly for the grade 7 & 8 students for which it is designed,” Thwaites said in a release issued this afternoon.

He said the book should be rewritten and redistributed to schools adding that the family life values espoused by the ministry are those based on the Christian principles of sexual morality as well as compassion and tolerance for all persons.

Click here for the article and audio of Reverend Thwaites.

Well as I said before in the blog Homosexuality in the Media everyone has a right to be who they want to be however the freedom of a member society to express his/her views on an issue must not be short changed in the name of compassion/hypocrisy.

P.S. Jamaica is not the most homophobic country in the world we have gay rights groups and openly gay people living very normal lives. Recently in Russia a Madonna show was canceled because “she was encouraging homosexual behaviour” which is strickly prohibited in Russia.

No one spoke out, but if this were to happen in Jamaica… well you know headlines like, “WARNING! Jamaica not safe for gays” and stuff like that.

So what are your thoughts on the Minister of Education decision?


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