Do you think abortion should be legalized?

For the past few decades an argument which for so long was bound and shackled in the deepest darkest corners of secrecy for fear of scandal and shame has been pushed to the front as the rates soar through the roofs.

Abortion is practiced which lifespan we may not be able to calculate nor comprehend. It is a practice define as the permanent termination of a fetal form or life if you like.

So why the big fuss? Shouldn’t a woman *I DON’T KNOW WHY THE MAN IS ALWAYS IGNORED IN ALL OF THIS*  be able to decide what and what not to do with her body. Well since we are all apart of a society in some way or another we must respect or at least recognize the laws of the land. These laws which often have their base in spiritual foundation say no way to abortion.

The rebuttal often posed is that a lady can make better herself more easily without the burden of a child and a partner who poses the risk of flight, leaving her alone to nurture a life.

So who makes the decision the woman or the woman and the man? Either way the life of a potential doctor, lawyer, teacher, blogger dangles on high in a stressed and windy circus.

Take a look at this chart concerning abortion in the developed world:

Abortion in the developed world.

So what are your thoughts on the issue?


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