The Best Music Albums since 2010, In My Opinion Pt.1

Miles Davis

We’re two years into the new decade (2010-2019) and a lot of music has been released some great some not so great, and few which in my opinion trumps the rest.

Now before I go any further I want to make something abundantly clear; these are my views. When it come on to music the is always a world-wind of backlash anytime music is “ranked”, this is because of fully functioning human beings we have this amazing ability of complex thought which leads us to our own understanding, as a result this understanding we gain the ability to make choices which suite our own taste.

Now that that’s finished lets do this 🙂

Number 10: Revelation Pt. 1 – The Root of Life by Stephen Marley(2011)

Revelation Pt. 1 – The Root of Life

Not exactly the best reggae of the period (2010-2012) but decent enough well produced.

Number 9: Tuskegee by Lionel Richie (2012)

Lionel Richie Tuskegee

I was caught in the ambition of this album. An all star cast I suspect will be nominated for the Album of the Year Grammy come later this year/2013.

Number 8: ‪Body Talk Pt. 1‬ by Robyn (2010)

Robyn Body talk

When Dancing on My Own was released I was instantly in love with the Euro dance classic. I thought the song and the entire album was great.

Number 7:  Nostalgia, Ultra by Frank Ocean (2011)

Frank Ocean Nostalgia Ultra

Besides from having one of the most adored album arts this mix tape was an instant classic all across the internet. Frank Ocean Nostalgia Ultra download may have drove google programmers wild as fans flocked to get a chance to hear the piece.

Number 6: The Suburbs by Arcade Fire (2010)

The Suburbs

This LP had amazing vibe to it that must have been appreciated by the alternative audience from seasoned fans to new comers, it had something for everyone. Loved it!


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