Growing a child without a father

Every child deserves a father.

Raising a young man or woman without the presence of a significant other namely the father of the child can be a financially demanding and emotionally strenuous feat. Regardless many women in the Caribbean and the world kick their inhibitions to the curb and put on gear for raising children solo.

So how do they go about it; pure hard work. Many sleepless nights because of twenty-four hour shifts. Due to this relentless and unforgiving work regime many women resort to leaving their young with a family member such as an aunt or grandmother or a close friend who they feel comfortable leaving the children with. As a many children in this scenario grow up like a barrel child. See the previous post: Barrel children and the Caribbean diaspora.

This reality may be hard to come to terms with for the trying woman but it is one that exists in abundance in many, notably in Jamaica. Love and affection are not in the amounts they could have been. Out of this scenario, if the child is reasonable (not as easy to do as you may think) when contemplating why mom never hugged he/she will consider the sacrifices they made and will just move on and work to ensure the same faith doesn’t reach their off spring.

Take care of yourselves out there and make strict decisions when selecting a mate and don’t just choose the one with money or who gives you good sex. Even though you can never be sure who is who.


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