Artist of the Week: Super Cat

Super Cat, KingstonGuardian

William “Super Cat” Maragh

William “Super Cat” Maragh was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1963. Super Car or ” Wild Apache/ Cat-A-Rock was a pivotal force in the early Dancehall movement and had gained massive popularity during the late eighties and early nineties. He is like many Jamaicans a a byproduct of integration as he was born to a Afro-Jamaican mother and a Jamaican Indian. He was raised in the Cockburn Pen community where he was surrounded by the sound system which carried the music of Kingston to the farthest stretches of the globe. Super Cat quickly synchronized with the culture and  is without doubt one of the baddest to ever do it!

Cat had been around the reggae circuit from a very young age and had auditioned as a singer but he wasn’t successful. Not deterred by the set back he modified his game plan an began toasting( a genre of Jamaican music, which people like Wayne Marshall Ph.D suspected lead to hip hop/rap) and had is first modest hit in 1981, a song by the title “Mr. Walker”.

Super Cat, KingstonGuardian


Hits from this album include:

Jamaica, Jamaica

Boops “Someone being used solely for financial gain”

Sweets For My Sweet

Hits from this album include:

Mud Up “which many consider to be one of the Cats defining moments” (if your “mud up” it means your life is not in order or you living carelessly)

This song represent the physical digital manifestation of the 1980’s music movements in Jamaica; it was hard hitting and straight from the pot. One of the best records ever.

After gaining significant recognition at home Super Cat had gained the attention of another Jamaican; the late Heavy D who was born in Mandeville Jamaica. With the collaboration the can was soon on the international media bandwidth and was making strides abroad. The work they did together resulted in Super Cats most commercially successful work.

Hits from this album include:

Ghetto Red Hot (Classic!)

Dem Don’t Worry We

Nuff Man A Dead

This tune was sample in 2007 by Kanye West for his Graduation album.

Good Night

Along with Cat they sampled another Jamaican legend U-Roy

Wake the Town “MUST LISTEN!!!!!!!!”

In the 90’s he also collaborated with international rockstar group Sugar Ray for the hit “Fly”


Even though in recent years Super Cat has been absent for the most part from the music scene look out for him on Nas upcoming “The Don” album.

One of Jamaica’s greatest musical acts.


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