Tommy Lee, his Demons and the Jamiacan Church.

Tommy Lee / Sparta / Nephew Demon / Uncle Demon

In the absence of the self-declared “World Boss” aka Vybz Kartel his Gaza clan has emerged as the major force on the Jamaican Dancehall scene. Vybz Kartel real name Adijah Palmer has been incarcerated for almost a year on an on going series of murder charges. Prior to the allegations Kartel was without question the driving force in the genre, but we’ve seen the unprecedented rise of his former minions like Popcaan, Vanessa Bling, Gaza Slim and most notable the one giving church goers headache and young party goers a reason to rave, the man of the moment Tommy Lee.

Tommy “Uncle Demon” Lee

Lee has literally emerged from out of no where to take center stage. He has done it with a string of hits songs in Jamaica and the Caribbean, but a critical element of Tommy “Sparta” Lee success is the product he offers which he describes as “Dancehall mixed with darkness” – the church was not pleased. They posit that Lee is bringing demons in their homes through his “evil music”.

As if that was not bad enough Dancehall giant Bounty Killer has ask, what is happening to Dancehall when demons are in the session?

Even Olympic champion Usain Bolt has offered his opinion on the artist, however Bold feels, ” its just marketing” and says regardless of “demonic messages” as some Christians put it he is still a fan. See Bolt’s interview here.

Well the Church a call down the blood of Jesus against former Portmore Empire affiliate and he and his music is without question a hot topic in Jamaica. If you though Vybz Kartel was the King of controversy in JA wait until you hear and see this guy. Is like all Dr. Kingsley “Ragashanti” Stewart fraid fe talk cause Tommy Lee demon dem might hold him.

Here are some examples of Uncle Demons songs which are in heavy rotation in Jamaica, the Caribbean, Europe and North America. Be warned graphic/offensives images and lyrics.

So what you all think about Sparta?

Uno fraid?


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