Should Robert Mugabe Apologize?

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe

After all the talks and reactions coming from J’Cans home and abroad the question must be ask; what exactly are the trying to achieve? Jamaican Opposition Senator Dr. Christopher “Chris” Tufton has labeled the alleged comments calling Jamaican men” drunk, marijuana smoker” as “unfortunate”. What has made it even more interesting is the fact that Mr. Mugabe holds a national honour awarded to him on his visit to Jamaica some time ago.

Prime Minister Hon. Portia Simpson-Miller and her team have said they are in the process of clarifying whether or not the allegations are true. Now what I am wondering is, what exactly will Sista P do it the comments are true, will he be striped of the honour, will it alter diplomatic relations or will he just be ask to apologize?

The comments still are an “incredible” surprise to many Jamaicans given the fact that Jamaicans were behind Mugabe 110% during his fight for freedom which led to the end of a cruel colonial regime which was imposed by the United Kingdom and heartlessly managed by its representatives in the country who unfairly distributed and took land from the locals and reissued it to European residents.

In the blog Robert Mugabe remarks send waves I spoke to love and support Mugabe had got from Jamaican musicians such as Bob Marley & the I-Three, Red Rat, Sizzla Kalonji as well as an entourage of others. The fact is when he was fighting for freedom Jamaica and Africa was behind him.

Senator Tufton called the comments “rude and unfortunate”

In all of this it was probably the tone of the alleged comments that got Jamaicans all worked up, it just seems “rude” and not befitting a diplomat. The sad truth Jamaica , the last time I checked had the most bars per square mile in the world, they consume more rum that all other alcoholic beverages combined, alcohol kills more more Jamaicans that all other drugs combined and Jamaican women fill and dominate the universities.

In fact an Stanford Ph.D candidate Larissa Mann commented on the economic power and liberation of women in Jamaica saying she would like to come back to JA and investigate the issue  more.

So what do you all think, should Mr. Mugabe apologize?


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