Correct the Problems, Mugabe not to blame.

Robert Mugabe

I read a rather interesting editorial in the Sunday Gleaner in which the writer is saying Mugabe should not be blamed for Jamaica’s social ills and we should try and correct them as opposed to pointing fingers.

Those who have watched the constant advertising on television and other media showing the bottles of rum, and urging people to ‘drink it up, drink it up’, should sympathise with Robert Mugabe and others who have come to the conclusion that we are a nation of drunkards.

Are we then surprised at the scene shown on television of the ‘orgy’ that went on at the ‘teenage’ rum party?

It seems to me that we should be correcting what is wrong instead of cussing Mr Mugabe.



    • There it is. Everyone knows it’s the truth and it hurts, so as opposed to dealing with the problem which has obviously gained global press we try and find frivolous ways of evading the issue at hand.
      Robert Mugabe had a point, but we nuh want to hear it from him. I listen the Cutting Edge with Mutabaruka and heard him speaking on the issue saying Jamaicans drink twice as much rum as other alcoholic beverages.
      Another interesting fact is that alcohol kills more Jamaicans annually than all other drugs combined!
      Something must be done!

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