Barack Obama Or Mitt Romney, Elections 2012

Barack Obama Or Mitt Romney, Elections 2012

Wow! It seems as if it was only yesterday that the American people were united in the sincerity of hope and new found faith in the future.

What I’m referring is in the US 2008 elections when Mr. Barack Hussein Obama took the White House and gave the democratic party the presidency once again, but it was more than that. For the first time in United States history someone who was not of European decent took the reins as Commander in Chief. That someone just so happened to be African-American.

All over like sporadic gunfire I heard declarations like “racism has finally ended, change is here, yes we can….” In retrospect all that showed was that Obama and his team are masters of public relations. They somehow managed to convince the US and the world that they are worlds away from what they’ve seen before, that Americans needed a change and that change was here.

Now in 2012 there is a new contender for the big seat, a man by the name of Mitt Romney who like most hopefuls before him came out of nowhere to take the drivers seat as the Republican parties front-man.

Who is Mitt Romney? Mitt is the former Governor of Massachusetts and now heading the Republican party, he went to Harvard like Obama but to be honest, he isn’t quite as charming nor convincing as Obama.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, Elections 2012

The remarkable ability to persuade the masses and gain universal trust which seems innate in Obama is lacking in Romney. Mitt Romney as somehow managed to market himself as a right-wing conservative who coming to save rich people. (really in this economy) Regardless Romney has his support and a fairly competitive band of people as well. So the elections come November may be very interesting to watch.

After all the political rhetoric, proposed economic policies and smiles, many people are convinced its not worth voting as these guys are two heads of the same fire breathing dragon and the proletariat is in neither of them interest. Well it doesn’t matter your stance come November 6, 2012, US citizens will be voting and the future of everybody is hanging in the balance.

Many point to unfairness in the media saying how Ron Paul was gently dissected from the whole thing as his views were too “controversial”. Others say as soon as the elections is over another war will begin with Obama and the issue of Iran and Israel or with Romney campaign team saying its time to “stand up to China”. SMH here we go again.

So which one of the evils will you be voting for?

Barack Obama Or Mitt Romney, Elections 2012


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