Freakiness gaan in the Caribbean

Lisa Hype/Hyper and Vybz Kartel, back when the Portmore Empire was together.

Over the past few years you must have had to be living in a bubble to not realize what has been happening throughout the Caribbean, especially in Jamaica. “Freak, freaky, freakiness” whatever it was called was once scorned, looked at as filthy uptown people something and get a whole heap a bun out from Dancehall artist like Bounty Killer, Shabba Ranks, Beenie Man, Elephant Man and of course the man who has declared “freaky gyal a dem gyal deh mi love”  Vybz Kartel.

So what has really happened? How it move from bun a bow cat to “every time mi f**k my cocky get suck”?

Who can remember Shabbas classic “Dem Bow” no one is speared neither women nor man, it was a colossal hit in the 1990’s.

Well honestly I don’t know, I’ve heard some people say its just society moving forward, people a start accept it and the classic “a long time dem a eat unda sheet and a bun it out in public” Whatever the reason songs endorsing freaks remain at the top of Caribbean playlists.

Recently, a newly sprung Jamaican artist ‘Khago’ released a song called “Threesome” in which he told his girl to “call Winsome for a threesome” lol. Other dreaded artists in the Reggae/Dancehall fraternity like Sizzla Kalonji we not amused and dissed the young dj repeatedly. In on OnStage interview with Winfred Williams when pressed about the allegations of him being a freaky rasta, Khago simply replied, “Anno me alone” *I’m not the only one* LMAO!!!

Khago OnStage Interview

Now this whole situation in Dancehall and the Caribbean and the outspoken freaky desires of artist like Vybz implies that this didn’t just happen over night, and it a long time, artist and badman a eat it.

A shocking revelation was the fact that Kartel’s then protege ‘Lisa Hype’ (girl in the pic above) was servicing the self declared “Worl Boss” with the same oral favours him bun out in him songs. Hype now Hyper eventually left the Portmore Empire.

Following her departure Kartel released a tune that would become one of the biggest hits in Jamaica, the notorious ‘Freaky Gyal”. In this massive hit Kartel without apology declared his love for “freaky gyal” and prostitutes and said him love when they do the things to him.

Even more interesting is post “Freaky Gal” Dancehall every artist a come out and a seh how dem love freak from Beenie to Elephant to Konshens and even the big bad Bounty Killer who released a song names Lollipop. So hold on deh, a Kartel dem did a wait on to give them the go ahead to sing about what they love? HAHA!

So you mean to tell me that everybody a recieve and none not giving??? Dat nuh mek sense.