Mr. Vegas, cheating and the Dancehall

Mr. Vegas

Just yesterday popular Dancehall mega star ‘Mr. Vegas’ took to the social media to broad cast his hurt and feelings of sorrow over the events which had transpired in a house he paid for, allegedly between his wife and an unknown doctor/di bunna man.

In his post Vegas writes, “no one knows my hurt” probably to make it clear to on lookers and speculators that what he is feeling is sincere and incomprehensible to the minds of the masses. But being an artist in the Dancehall Mr. Vegas should only expect logical backlash after he declared himself a “Gallis” in his mega hit “Man a Gallis”

In the tune Vegas like many artists like Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Popcaan…etc brags about how much woman he has and how dem jus a ring off him phone.

I read some of the Facebook comments and I would be lying if I said I didn’t find them hilarious, many are saying “bun fi bun”. It’s like many people on Facebook are shocked at how outraged Mr. Vegas is that after him teef Goofy/Mr. G girl he never expected “cartoon like behaviour”. Aww bwoy, mi wanda if Goofy deh somewhere a skin off him teet?

The problem with this whole scenario is simply this: within the entire Dancehall fraternity there is undeniable, unquestionable and irrevocable fact that entertainers have been known to cheat, use and abuse women. We all remember the hammer. Now that the bitter medicine drop on Vegas tongue, him can’t stand it. Mind you enuh, what him woman did i.e having doc a gwaan wid surgery in front him child was wrong, by any measure. But it is going to be difficult for Vegas to get sympathy from many who believe, “it’s just karma”

Bwoy Mr. Vegas, your just going to have to get over it. Hush yaah.