The Situation with Mr. Vegas and his baby mother Shellian is getting way too serious

This whole mix up with Clifford Smith aka Mr. Vegas and his baby mama Shelliann McBayne is getting way too serious for comfort.

In recent days following Dancehall/Reggae entertainer Mr. Vegas’ Facebook post concerning catching his baby mother Shellian in bed with a Doctor, the internet has been a wash with views and opinions concerning the private lives of these people.

This all started when Vegas posted to Facebook, comments saying he had caught his baby mother cheating in the house he bought in full view of his infant daughter. Ever since the revelation it has without question been the hottest gossip topic in the Caribbean.

Now a very popular and well known site is claiming to have the video in their possession and from reading a few of the comments on the site as well as viewing a picture of various snap shots of the interior of the home, I’m assuming there serious about their claim. The sites admin posted the following comment:

Met says:

October 7, 2012 at 12:17 am

…..a nuh vegas send out the video..I am the one who has it so mi know who send it.

So if it wasn’t Vegas who release the video, who did????

Quite frankly I’m starting to feel a bit disturbed especially concerning the child who is tangled up in this freakish mess. The comments being made by those who have claim to have seen the video are really disgusting and if true….I really don’t know.

Met says:

October 7, 2012 at 1:15 am

shelli seh a respectable man and di man laydown wid him penis a look pan di infant relax back ..people mi haffi go pray fi dem dis need prayers

*in reference to the Doc
What the hell! These are some very, very, very serious claims and the thing is there is no turning back now and things are just bound to blow waaaay out of proportion. I see lawsuits and all kind of hullabaloo in the near future and local backlash i.e. in Jamaica hasn’t even fully kicked in as yet.

You know all of this could has been avoided. Remember you know, Shelliann was originally with another entertainer before Vegas; Goofy now called Mr. G. When the relationship collapse G didn’t have many kind remarks regarding his ex love. In fact something crossed my mind the other day.

You remember that song by Red Rat; Goofy’s long time friend and musical collaborator called ‘Shellian’ You remember don’t you?

That girl, that girl Shellian/ A gwaan like she nice and have one bag a man

Those were the lyrics to the song, so I’m wondering…..lets not make any assumptions here.

Regardless of what we think the weight of this fiasco rests in their laps, I’m just hoping for the best.

Here is the link to Jamaica’s most notorious gossip site: Jamaican Groupie Met Mr.Vegas video.