Digital life and our changing social behavior

Teens and adults nowadays just plug in and zone out.

In these days its nothing special, nothing frightening, in fact it may be expected; the norm. What I’m referring to is the behavior of people in public. They are fully in tuned with latest, music, gossip, blogs (lol) and yet disconnected in every way to the happenings around them.

It is truly amazing; the fact that we live in a time that we can know of a disaster  in somewhere far, far away and remain oblivious of the fact that a murder took place right beside of us until we see it on the evening news. Truly amazing.

But there is no turning back, we are following the flow of society. The best we can do is hope that technological progression does not lead to social regression or any further deterioration of communication i.e physical or verbal not Facebook chat. Skype doesn’t count.

Go meet someone in the park, sit and talk. When was the last time you did that? 😐


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