Island Evening

Sunset in Papine Market

Yes. Once again its another evening in the Caribbean and its a bit cloudy than the  usual, but the setting sun provides a tender warmth. The energy in the town is constant; every one has something to do, whether making late market buys or simple looking around the vibe exists in abundance.

What is it about the simply but yet so complex nature of the the markets which inspires so much diversity its as if it were populated by millons with the necessary infrastructure to cater any and every whim. Everyone up and about and business is being transacted and every soul a mek moves.

Its not only the markets which are busy but the road is teeming with motor vehicles, motor bikes and public transport; its a truly a amazing site especially if you have the time to simple appreciate what’s around you such as the string of light wires woven across the sky.

Whatever it is, the feeling remains lovely.


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