Kanye Cruel Summer a big let down

DISCLAIMER: I do not own this image.
The art is beautiful but the LP was no masterpiece.

So first off, I’m a HUGE! Kanye West fan, so much so that I think I’ve every song of his except for the ones on his latest Cruel Summer release.

I like many people in the Caribbean consume American popular culture and the music is most definitely a big proportion of that intake, hip-hop and R&B in particular. From this inflow of foreign media helped by wide spread internet access throughout the Caribbean we all keep abreast at what’s going on with our favorite artists.

Kanye is definitely one of my preferred choices when it comes to non Reggae/Dancehall. The man has demonstrated time and time again that he is dedicated to the music industry and the commercial and critical acclaim can attest to this.

With the release of his last Cruel Summer album which was basically a compilation of the entire GOOD Music camp, I really believed he fell off, HARD! I just didn’t like, I thought there was no direction, furthermore the music felt generic in so many ways, nothing like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which Rolling Stone Magazine place at numero uno on their list of the best albums of 2010 and Metacritic derived an aggregate rating of 94%.

Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

I really can’t put my hands on exactly what happened to Mr. West on his last attempt, maybe his new girlfriend Kim Kardashian has something to do with his slide.

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What do you guys think about his latest single, from The Man With the Iron Fist.

Kanye West – White Dress

Your thoughts?


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