Discovery; the dilemma

Somewhere in the cosmic wilderness, I am lost.

After blogging for a while now I’ve come to realize that for some reason I am lost; as if can’t be found. Just from blogging I have come to the conclusion that managing creativity is certainly no walk in the park, its hard – really hard.

Somedays I get up and have a burning need to alter some of the basic features of the blog, the name, email, appearance….etc. Its as if at times the blog feels insufficient and vague regardless of content. In recognizing this I have come to the  conclusion that I need to revise my whole approach to writing and publishing information that I find relevant.

Initially the broad theme of the blog was ‘caribbean life’ the social factors which affect caribbean people on a day to day basis. Over time my interests widened and I would just blog about the most random things; literally the most random things. Take this blog for example.

The primary wordpress  blog has been changed three times and I’m still not happy because now when I google my blog its just a mess. All my old posts which can no longer be accessed fill the top of Google search results and I just feel annoyed, because I want lots of views and comments, I want to be discovered a zillion times. Me switching up every second and leaving a whirlpool of confusion in search engines doesn’t help.

So it may be time for me to take a break, to find myself, for the trials I face stretch beyond the reaches of the cosmos and my pressures are compounded by a yearning for perfection – just kidding I’ll be back, just some time off.