Jamaican Security Guards beat gays

These are the types of ridiculous and callous banners broadcasted by ignorant people when gay and Jamaica are mentioned.

Now I’ve been seeing this video all over the place and I’m realizing that a simple fact is being ignored. Two people were caught having sex in a public place and were detained whats so strange about that. All over the world gays are seen as taboo and Jamaica is no exception. But for some reason I’ve noticed that Jamaica is a media favorite when it comes on to the issue of homophobia, why?

Well unlike Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nigeria… Jamaica doesn’t have no enormous wealth which people seek to exploit so they are exploited. Ever since the UK media made a frenzy about Jamaica so that immigration laws could be adjusted is has never stopped; the Jamaica bashing.

I won’t spent much time on this as it was cover in my previous blogs:

Homophobia in Jamaica (Part 1)

Homosexuality in the Media


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