Gossip sells because we love it!

“Hey Pam, I heard….”
“HA! *gasp* your lying!”

Why does gossip sell? Why is it that so many people are caught up in the infectiously scandalous lives of Kim Kardashian, Snookie, Basketball Wives and all manner of “reality” showcased for our delight?

The truth is, we as human beings are innately programmed to try and understand one another. No matter how strange, repulsive or ‘ratchet’ members of our society may be.

On Facebook if you make a comment regarding the current injustices in the Middle-East, Asia, Africa, North/South America or anywhere for that matter. You get a single like from that friend who everyone suspects is a conspiracy theorist. Now if you had written, “Kanye snatched the mic from Taylor Swift again!” or “Kim Kardashian pregnant for Jay-Z; Beyonce and Ye left in the wind” your feeds would ignite and the global cyber space would be set a fire.

The thing is gossip comes across as simple, easy to process information, who, what, where, who knows the f*ck why. Unlike political discourse on the future should Barack Obama win or Mitt Romney there is no complexity. In fact you are more likely to belong if you join in bashing Kim K for her “generous” ways đŸ˜‰
than scrutinizing George Bush’s foreign policy and how they impact us now. Of course, you don’t want to hear, “you conservative slime” or “you liberal punk”

With gossip you stand on neutral ground making jokes and discussions about people far, far away who have made a spectacle of their lives. No backlash like Chick-fil-A and views on homosexuality. With gossip you judge from safe point. Should there be any backlash you can simply say, “she’s a whore anyway”.


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