Lets get ready to rumble, Obama vs Romney 2012

“We got em where we want em Barack”
“Shhh…. Quiet Mitt”

Its finally here again people, the United States elections. A time filled with joy, hope and sadness. A sudden moment when ignorance overwhelms the composition of otherwise perfectly logically human beings and they put themselves in cliques of Democrat/Liberal and Republican/Conservative.

Why you may ask?

To protect the current Corporate-democracy, where transnationals strive and the poor are deprived. Unlike many Americans regardless of party affiliation I don’t say things like, “go back to the constitution” and “1776!” because in that same constitution black people are regarded as sub human and George Washington had 316 slaves.

Back to the now, which fight camp are you on? Will you be crying, shocked or blasting out rays of twisted delight that someone you voted for will once again short change, you, your family and your neighbor?

Anyway lets do this! Elections 2012! WHOOOOOOOO!


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