Barack Obama remains POTUS

Barack Obama re-elected as President of the United States

It what many analysts are describing as the closest elections in US history Mr. Barack Hussein Obama had retained his post as Commander-in-Chief. Many people were skeptical as to whether or not Barack could pull it off but he and the Democrats pulled through in the end.

The liberals must be overjoyed and I know the Caribbean massive are apart of the revelry, for many pf Obama promised immigration reforms are better geared towards helping immigrants from the Caribbean and Mexico.

Many are not seeing eye-to-eye with Obama regarding immigration policy but the truth of the matter is for most of what we know the United States has always been and open country and without question enslavement which lead to mass forced emigration, immigration of Europeans and Mexicans built the US.

Regarding the military budget any downsizing would be welcomed in this feverish global environment. The fact remains ever since George Bush moved the US from a mega-power to a in debt Republic the global climate quickly adjusted. Nations like Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) have taken a crucial role on the world stage and the equity of hegemony is being redistributed.  At this point careless expansion of any military is an hinderance to us all.

Even if China claims the position as largest economy it will in no way be able to cause a disastrous loss of US interest abroad. This is because the United States since the end of world war 2 and the coming of the International Monetary Fun (IMF), World Bank and World Trade Organization has effective stamp a large foot-print globally. The scars from Uncle Sam’s steel toe boot won’t go away overnight.

Another issue is Medicare/Medicaid and welfare. Now this one seems to bring out all the ignorance. Why would you want state sponsored medical coverage? I know no competition right? Wrong. The US has the of the worst Medical care in the developed world. Nothing like the Social-Democracy in Finland, Norway and Sweden or in capitalist Japan. It doesn’t even compare to the neighbor to the North; Canada.

Americans for Welfare Rights

Regarding social welfare lets face it, a lot of Americans are dirt poor and need this. For some reason people always associate welfare and food stamps with black not remembering that 41% of people on welfare are Caucasian. This means white make up majority of welfare recipients while blacks make up 36% and latinos 16%.

If one should consider the statistics regarding latinos and illegal immigration then it would become abundantly clear that far more people are reliant on hand outs than we would like to admit. Americans need to recognize these facts before their country collapse under the strain of ignorance.

Final map of United States (US) 2012 election result

*Regardless of who had one won, I would have looked at the positive, doom and gloom is not healthy and it makes no sense complaining about what can’t be changes, so just work hard and aim for the best. Remember we are dealing with politicians here.


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