Education for what, who and where

What really is education?

Education since the dawn of civilization has played a crucial role in social interaction, science and technology. From the scrolls of Timbuktu to the halls of Oxford learning has always been a staple of development. However as well learned as we have become we seem to have forgot where it all started.

The primary facilitator of education is the environment in which you were born and not the air conditioned class rooms you or your government pays so you can sit on metal seats. In recognizing that your surroundings is the primary educator and not everyone is exposed to “formal” education for whatever reason, can we truly say there is a defined subscription when deducing whether or not someone is educated.

We as humans adopt and conform to suite our social environment and that is what plays the focal role in determining just who you will become. So it goes without saying that a person from a loving, middle/upper class family unit is more likely to succeed than someone of lesser circumstances right? He/She will be admired and praised as societal elites in three piece suites drinking cock-tail on the company yacht  gibbering about the latest designs by Fendi.

But what about those brought up in poverty and crime and whined up becoming murderers, thugs and thieves. Are they glitches or perfectly adjusted normal people?


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