Advice to Bloggers: Be Original!

I’ve been in the blogging biz for a minute and from what I’ve seen originality prevails over everything else. For bloggers I’m telling you from what I’ve experienced make sure your content and some would say otherwise but your blog name must be as unique as your content.

The reason why I say this is because I’ve changed my blog name about a million times and from what I’ve seen when your blog name is one of a kind Google, Yahoo, Ask ….etc. tends to be kind to those who are special. You are ranked higher in Google search. Also, speaking strictly from observation it would seem that Google’s algorithms have the capacity to make any content generic based on the name of the website .

Take for instance your site name is and you are publishing about burnt cars. Google will probably come across billions of archives containing the words “toast” and “burn” so you see things look a bit unfortunate for you when its indexing time.

So while its arguable I believe having a priceless domain name is just as important as having great content.



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