Everald Warmington, What Does He Want?

Ever since Everald Warmingtons astonishing outbursts in parliament I’ve been keeping a keen eye on this man. From what I’ve seen he seems to a very independent member of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

He has proven time and time again that he is alide to no one and only interested in making sure his voice is heard. The recent fiasco in which he had sent letters to the courts challenging the legitimacy of the nominations of members of the party to Deputy Leader shows he  cares what no one thinks.

Christopher Tufton, Audley Shaw and Desmond Mckenzie were all listed in Warmington’s papers which he had pulled shortly before they were to be heard in court. It is reported that communications with party leader Andrew Holness had lead to the withdrawal, but the question as to be asked. With all this public engagement in party issues and water from dirty laundry being splashed on on lookers faces, the question is what is the motive, what exactly does he want or plan to achieve?

According to Mr. Warmington he is on an unapologetic quest to ensure that the law is upheld. The polical chiches are numerous in Mr. Warmington. However it is abundantly obvious that this man yearns the spotlight and is out for power hoping that public recognition of who he is will help him on his journey.

And so yet again the JLP has failed to keep party matters private, the public display of disunity which kept them out of power for an amazing 18  years seem to have only festered and is gradually secreting vile pus in the form of Mr. Warmington.

Cheeky, isn’t he



    • Yes, I was told that this is his behavior regardless of social or formal setting. I find it very interesting that a man so upfront and outspoken on issues that actually have relevance chose to go into politics.

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