Vybz Kartel – Freaky Gal 3 Review

Once again Vybz Kartel has unapologetically declared his taste for women of a particular flavor in his Freaky Gal Part 3. So why is the presently incarcerated “World Boss” so outspoken with his desires and is receiving so much warm reception from an island of people who claim dem don’t ina dem tings deh?

First off it must be understood that this man has never been the one to hold any bottles when he wants to make his points be known, so whether with crush ice or soothing caress ladies of a particular nature have evidently long entices Vybz Kartel and as I suspect many hide and eat Jamaican men. But for some reason Vybz is the only one who unrelentingly makes it unmistakably clear that regardless of perceived social norms, there are just certain things he just can’t live without. Freaky Gal a one a dem. *poor ting him lock up* 😦

My major disappointment with the song however is a very common one. Vybz why you neva balance the ting? Why you don’t want to give the full hundred regarding your frisky tales? Vybz did you return the favour? Did you swipe the swiper? Or are you just enlightened in oral therapy through secondary knowledge like the King a reading himself, Ragashanti.

“I have read”

“I have read” seems to be popular radio host Dr. Kingsley “Ragashanti” Stewart’s favorite line. It tends to appear most frequently when the matters concerning oral escapades are brought forward. Vybz Kartel, Raga and Jamaican men tend to try and distance themselves regarding freaky business. But mek yuh mention woman giving it to them and see how quick dem talk up di tings dem.

Overall the song delivered what you would expect from Vybz Kartel; raw entertainment. Some will hate, some will love, some start mek plans when them hear it. Overall I like it and CaribTorch give it a five star because you know Kartel girls dem jus a shine suh. Big up unu self and Jamaican men weh unu a wait on to come out of that freaky closet and admit what you all have been down to.

*Warning some may find the following content offensive!

*Don’t get it twisted, Vybz Kartel has proven himself to be VERY amazing when deliberating on social realities so I won’t take part in any ignorance which tries to put the man in a unidimensional shell. If you a make case against the breda come good because I have several issues with the whole “slackness” argument. Not to mention the Broadcasting Commission which I believe is a wing of the same elitist Jamaicans who thought of the Wailers as a gang of dutty dreads who weren’t worthy of air play.


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