Adele Goes Diamond While Sales Plummet

I’m calling it people Adele has gone Diamond denoting sales of ten million units in the United States. Well not officially but its bound to happen with sales currently at a phenomenal 9,973,415 as of Oct. 7. Impressive right.

But how did Adele sell so much in such a market where her peers are struggling with most not making the once common platinum mark.

Well many would argue that her music is just better than everything else out there. But I strongly disagree. The fact is there are countless amounts of artist making “good” music such as Jill Scott but for some reason Adele is the only one moving units.

Personally I can’t explain, perhaps stronger marketing perhaps. Anyways congratulations Adele!

*It’s official

According to Nielsen SoundScan, in only its 92nd week of release, Adele’s album 21 has past the 10 million U.S sales mark.

The last album to sell as many copies in a shorter span of time was ‘N Sync’s “No Strings Attached,” which raced to 10 million in its 43rd week (January 2001). Only one album in the SoundScan era hit 10 million faster: Backstreet Boys’ “Millennium,” in its 39th week in February 2000.



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