Everyone Should Blog

Every computer literal person should blog. I am serious everyone who has even the most minuscule knowledge of manipulating a keyboard should at least test try running blog.

For me blogging serves as a luxurious laxative as I rant on about Jamaica and the Caribbean’s continuing social ills and just about anything I want. When stressed blogging takes the pain off your chest through the keyboard your fingers caress.

Its just so simple and elegant; the writing of sincere words for the world to see.

It is just so wonderful to get up at awkward hours in the night to feed your addiction. Yep, a dose of QWERTY keyboard a day keeps me satisfied. As virgin and pure as I may sound I will have you know that I am well aware that “certain” content is on the internet. *wink wink* You know what I’m talking about, all those naughty pics on the Nat Geo website.

But before you throw away your journal for cyber space be warned, the human mind of today is not conditioned to appreciate valuable information. What this means is the smarter your blog the less your views. Don’t be consumed by the heart-wrenching horror of a flat Stats chart. Give it a few great post and soon tears will be streaming from your eyes when you witness the first person who cared enough to follow your blog.



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