Song of the Week: Worl Boss – Thank You Jah


Psalms 127 Selah,
except di lawd build di house,
dey live in vain dat build it, e
xcept di lawd keep di city,
di watchmen watcheth, but in vain.
Thank yuh, its just another day, selah, its just another day,
thank yuh jah mi wake up dis morning roll out di herbs before me start yawning
tun round bus a kiss pon mi dawlin tell har seh honey mi ah touch inna di steet,
in di street mi see poor people bawlin nuff juvenile nuh even nyam from morning,
weh di black woman future me aks him weh di system a do fi she?
Now. big up di gyal dem weh fight it alone an ah raise two three pickney pon dem own,
weh di man deh? no man know dey home??,
Babylon have dem inna jail.
Big up di juvenile dem inna di street,
we a seh dem haffi make it an nah touch di chrome, dem no waan wi fi claim our own,
but Africa naah form nuh fool inna Rome

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