Guinness Sting in 2012 and Over the Years

For anyone who doesn’t know, Guinness Sting has been the biggest one night Dancehall/Reggae show in the world for quite a while. The whole image of Sting was built around the idea of the “Clash” which is a on stage lyrical counteraction between two usually prevalent artist on the Jamaican musical scene.

The probably reason why this affair was so loved by Jamaicans was because the whole clashing eliminate is as old as Dancehall itself. The brilliant idea of putting sound systems together ina one big lawn fe see who is the champion sound was what built the culture.

*the ultimate sound clash tune

Over the years many have come and many have gone. Nuff get a buss and turn ina star and a whole heep a career get flush dung ina drain.

Sadly over the last couple of years due to an embargo on the Dancehall economy by various groups in Jamaica and overseas the idea of big stage shows doesn’t hold the strength and the vigor they used to. Everybody want to go to “all exclusive” parties and hotels like weh Mutaruka seh. When they do this the poor are deprived of even crumbs from the cake.

Tommy Lee, Bounty Killer

Well Sting boss Isaiah Laing had tried to spark some controversy to attract an audience by hyping up an in di streets war of words between veteran Sting performer Bounty Killer and nephew demon himself Tommy Lee. It didn’t go as planned Bounty Killer seh a style Laing a style him so him gone bout him business and Laing now is depending on an artist who has always brought it to the show. The one and only Ninjaman.

So how unu feel, unu a do road Boxing Night/ December 26th?

Here’s a little trip down clash memory lane, Beenie vs Bounty 1993:


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