Living in Love and Solidarity

Whatever happened to love? Of late I haven’t been hearing any talk of mutual understanding and appreciation for one another; just slews of differences. This is not nice at all as it further separates us when the contrast we see between ourselves begin to take on infinitely different shades.

Taking into consideration the nature of corporate sponsored media, the stupendous vortex of knowledge on the net and the general distrust of politicians, its very hard for the modern individual to keep his/her head on a straight and narrow path as you are bombarded with information day in and day out.

So what can happens from this? Paranoia, that’s what. You begin to hate what you don’t know and feel insecure about existing, which has the potential to create more contempt and less love.

So in the midst of it all keep in mind their is always someone or something worth loving. Walking around with a sense of doom and gloom cannot be healthy. Of course you will remain as informed as possible however you won’t become an entity on the edge.

“One Love”

I Wayne – Living in Love


Verse 1:
I love to see my people living in love
I hate to see them fighting and swimming in blood
Nuff neglect the farming the scorning in the mud
Yet they want to be the first to reap the fruit as it bud…OHHH!
They fill the earth with prison church and whore house
Love the rum bar yet them hate the pure house
Dem take the microchip and now a wrath a pour out
Less food more drought and more mouth… ohhh

Rasta tell dem all the while
Stop war and go till the soil
Stop fighting for land and oil
Fi di coil so many go defile
Slave master spit inna dem face dem tek dat wit a smile
Di banks of the nile so mild and so fertile acres more than a zillion mile
People acting vile pick up cannibal style
wah devour mama papa and child… ohh



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