Raising the Age of Consent in Jamaica Will Not Help

In Jamaica the issue of the age of consent being raised from 16 to what is thought to be a safer 18 is steadily gaining traction. But why? Why are people so appalled and surprised that young people are having sexual relation; some even relating it to end time bible prophecy.

“Children will be having children” is bellowed by members of the church as enough reason to raise the age of consent as they have once again associated what they believe as godly to God and is now throwing it in your face. But why the uproar?

It is no secret that Jamaica is sexual charged society. Sex is in the church, the music(which wrongly gets most of the blame), the home, school, the gadgets and anywhere else you could think of. When in church all the pastor do is throw his words at people, “who naah do dis….who naah do dat” and sex always come up in graphic detail. So obviously pastor is not innocent of what he called, “wicked, degrading and wrong”.

Jamaica is a nation which despite the image of a backward ganja hotspot is extremely connected. In fact in 2010 Jamaica had an average of 3 mobile phones per Jamaican! In Jamaica, the poorest of the soil a ping pon Blackberry and accessing the universe of the internet. The exorbitant concentration of smart phones among teens and young people is bound to fuel the unimaginable curiosity of this demographic and lets not beat around the bush is not the meaning of E=MC2(squared)

Globally intrigue in pornography amongst the young is an increasingly debated “issue”. Questions are being asked like “why are the looking at this filth”- really?

Hasn’t anyone read the most basic writings on teenage sexuality?

Another one is the music which is styled as “slack” in Jamaica and has been on the receiving end of most of the blame even as Jamaica’s children view more x-rated material on the net. For the most part the issue with the music in Jamaica is culturally defined as substantial elements of beliefs by the lower classes play out in the sounds. What you really need to know is from Bob Marley’s kinky parties to Vybz Kartel’s freaky excursions Reggae/Dancehall has always been dabbling in sexual exploits. Just like any other musical genre such Soca.

Something else about this matter I find interesting is that maturity is being attached to age. This whole notion that once you reach a particular age you are now mentally packed for what may come along has been thrown out the window.

So what I would say is leave the age of consent as it is because sexual relations is on the rise/being spoken of more globally. The best bet is to educate and inform youths on the use of protection and taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

Wrap it up and nuh badda come and breed


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