2012 in Review

2012-mystery world end mayan Nostradamus caribtorch

After all the hype, the buzz, the talks of mythical alignments of the cosmos as civilization had reached its dawn, 2012 turned out to be less than spectacular for most of us.

I mean even I had to be weaving through conspiracy files testing the correlation between Bible prophecy and Nostradamus. Too much History Channel will do that to ya! But anyway what splendid or miraculous events took place in 2012?


I can’t think of anything but the Mayan calendars. You know what I just realized, 2012 was more exciting in 2011. Think about it. All the wasted expectation. I didn’t believe anything extinction level was going to happen but sheesh.

My sympathy and greatest wishes goes out to all Mega-Storm Hurricane Sandy survivors, you have seen the predictions first hand  and came the closet to proving Illuminati fanatics right.


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