Itunes 11 and Your Music

itunes-11 and your music caribtorch

After holding out on updating my Itunes for about a year, Apple has finally decided to improve the layout of their much popular Itunes platform,

Was I aw struck and humbled by the awesomeness of the derivative of  Steve Jobs mind? Well no? To tell the truth the most important part about the upgrade that got me was that it had moved from 10 to 11. I’m serious. 😐

Over the years what I have found is that music players have been getting more and more flashy while forgetting the intricacies of what made them relevant in the first place. For the most part that what Itunes 11 is about; nicer looks.

More and more music is exclusive digital and what I  have found is that Itunes has succeeded where others have failed in that Itunes is absolutely amazing at managing and integrating TONNES of music. My problem is with the fact the fact that Itunes still does not have an undo button.

What’s up with that?

Most of all I’m heart broken that Apple has removed the cover flow feature 😦 I loved that feature.

*does anyone read Apple License Agreements?


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