Jamaicans Should Focus on Being Orginal

jamaicans should be original caribtorch

The world of today is highly competitive; so much so that big corporations are running from the kitchens heat. In such a global economics climate Jamaicans can’t afford to be confused by those who can’t see what is the a sincere truth regarding success in todays world. Originality, being unique always attracts attention no matter what.

Day in day out I hear Jamaicans bickering on and on about whether or not their indigenous culture is worth anything or not. While they are chatting obvious non-sense like “Jamaican anno language” or “Jamaican is just corrupted English” foreigners are busy at work investing, marketing and profiting off the Jamaican people’s unique assortment of creations.

This always happens because Jamaicans refuse to see that if you accept, love and cherish what you are then only great things can come as a result. I even heard arguments to ban Jamaican Patois from the radio as, “it is not good for the children”.

Well will they see that having something special to you is priceless in an integrated global economy? When Reggae first came about it was seen as garbage not worth listening by the Jamaican people because dem i.e the Rastafarians and the ghetto people created.

Fast forward a few years Bob Marley & The Wailers, Toots & The Maytal, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh… had to farin and sold out massive stadiums. The world had fallen in love with Reggae and so it was now Ok for all facets of Jamaicans to love it as well.

Japanese Dancehall Session

In todays Jamaica they have found another empty rhetoric to be running around with, “Brand Jamaica”. I’m sure if I were to ask these bright people what exactly is this “Brand Jamaica” they would be thrown in a loop. Jamaican culture for the most part is no longer Jamaican.

France has become the Reggae Mecca of the world, Japan has taken over Dancehall, and “Brand Jamaica” has become as generic as Bob Marley t-shirts.

If Jamaicans don’t recognize the importance of their culture in all its artistic and linguistic glory they will soon be another vacant shell which once held life.

What a Bam Bam when we nuh have nutten.


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