Air Jamaica and Caribbean Dreams

air jamaica

To get up one day and take flight for what many Caribbean people hope will be better pastures over yonder is what was embodied in the now Caribbean Airlines owned Air Jamaica.

The air line served as a beacon of hope for the poor and disenfranchised who couldn’t make it in Jamaica and the brand had become synonymous with the yaadie identity. Whether or not you took a flight on Air JA was often used as a means of measuring success.

However in recent years especially following the sale of the air line to a Trinidad & Tobago based company many felt it was no longer Jamaican. The zest and flair which was once so prevalent when you speak about Air JA has basically vanished.

It has become like many things cherished in Jamaica, foreign owned and controlled; only a provider of service to Jamaicans.

As it would seem Air Jamaica has departed from our hearts. 😦


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