Best Reggae/Dancehall Riddims (2000-2009)

Dancehall session, which inspired the creation of the riddim classics.

What is a Riddim?

In Jamaica a riddim is an instrumental composed normally with the intention of have multiple performers voice on it as opposed to other markets where it is one instrumental per artist. Just the version without audio. In Jamaican when music riddims are made for specific artists and songs; for them and for them alone, this is known as a ‘one drop’ when there is only one song on a particular riddim.

Legendary producer Lee "Scratch" Perry

Legendary producer Lee “Scratch” Perry

Gearbox (2008,Truckback Record) – This fast pace and hard hitting instrumental was headlined by Erup, who at the time was an up and coming act. Click Mi Finger the lead track gained substantial notoriety in Jamaica and internationally. The instrumental and songs sparked a fever with ferocious hits from Harry Toddler, Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel and a host of other artist.

Seasons Riddim (2005, In The Streetz / Don Corleon) – This sound was just natural untampered with reggae music; just refined and well put together. Don Corleon by the time of its release was an extremely sought after producer for is mastery of the multi-dimensional scope of the Jamaican music diaspora. Is experience and knowledge culminated in the throughout the seasons manifested in this sound.

Diwali Riddim (2002, Greensleeves) – The name is inspired by the Indian festival of lights or diwali. It was produced by Steven “Lenky” Marsden. For many who don’t know Jamaica has a large Indian population, in fact a significant portion of Jamaicans are mixed with Indian. In places like Clarendon, several Indian festivals are celebrated yearly.

Nine Night Riddim (2001, VP) – This spectacular composition pays homage to the Nine Night(the ninth night after the death of a family member where celebrations are held in honor of their lives.) This heritage is still practiced in West Africa, and was preserved on the slave plantations through nightly chanting and spiritual worship when they got off the hectic plantation torment.

Orgasm Riddim (2000, B-Rich) – This riddim was pure dancehall; no fancy nothing, just pure drum and bass and it was a massive hit. So complex, yet so relaxed the Orgasm riddim just plugged into your soul and made you burst with emotion.

Military Riddim (2004, VP) – Up two, three, four, up, two, three, four/ well I was born brave but I’m bolder now. Saco’s – Am Brave was a modern Dancehall classic, not to mention the strength which was in abundance in this never ceasing compilation.

Guardian Angel Riddim (2007, VP) – Very soothing and relaxed sound, it was filled with great tracks. From Tami Chynn to Vybz Kartel it offers a unique blend of artist not commonly put together.

Drop Leaf Riddim(2005, Don Corleon) – Calm and refined the Drop Leaf Riddim offered a dynamic array of lyrics, styles and emotions. Great production and a even more impressive group of artist provided a worth while introduction to contemporary Reggae music.

Eighty Five Riddim (2006, Mad House) – Retro yet up to the time, Dave Kelly proved he is still the Dancehall dynamo he was in the 90’s when he released the Eighty Five Riddim which featured Billboard and international hits like Million Stylez – Ms. Fatty.

Silk Riddim (2002, Vibes Corner) – Gentle, unimposing and modern, pure silk.

*They are in no particular order.

dancehall session in full swing caribtorch


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