Bounty Killer – Look

bounty killer look caribtorch

This “Poor People Guvana” displays his frustration with the political system in Jamaica lyrically declaring his vexation with the hard grounds the youths have to walk day in and day out in what is an island paradise for many.

Heavy corruption has been plaguing Jamaica’s shores for decades, both internal and external forces clash for the little the natural resources the island has while ignoring the countries greatest resource; its people.

Bounty Killer – Look (Lyrics)

People A Dead That’s What I Said The Blind Must Be Led

The Hungry Must Be Fed

(Hey Yo Galow) I’m Looking Through All This Fear Over The Years

(Hey Yo) Nobody Cares Take A Look In My House Would You Live In There

(Huh Hey Yo Galow) Look At My Shoes Can You See My Toes

Well That’s How The Struggle Goes Nobody Knows


Look into my eyes, tell me what you see?
Can you feel my pain? am I your enemy?
Give us a better way, things are really bad,
The only friend I know is this gun I have.
Listen to my voice, this is not a threat
Now you see the nine are you worried yet?
You’ve been talking ’bout’ you want the war to cease
But when you show us hope, we will show you peace.

Verse 1

Look into my mind, can you see the wealth?
Can you tell that I want to help myself?
But if it happen that I stick you for your ring
Don’t be mad at me it’s a survival ting.
Look into my heart, I can feel your fear
Take another look can you hold my stare?
Why are you afraid of my hungry face?
Or is it this thing bulging in my waist?



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