Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

On December 14, 2012, at least 27 people, including 20 children, were killed, in a school shooting (also referred to as the Connecticut School Shooting) at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Sandy Hook village, Newtown, Connecticut. Three other injured were transported to hospitals in critical condition.

Once again we have to bare witness to another tragedy which took place in the confines of what many parents would believe is a protected and safe environment.

After all this the media, public and government is going to seek out and destroy something or someone they deem as worth blaming. What is going to come next is more finger printing, more youth being charged as adults and more cameras?

Will that make you and you child feel safer?

When will people just stop for a minute and evaluate the total sphere in which they live? It’s always easier to blame a single target as it makes it easier to vent and release anger but in the long run this method is ineffective as people will become tired of beating a dead horse and move on to the next one without ever getting any problem solved.

Nothing in this universe is unidimensional and while the emotions are overwhelming we must exercise caution and approach with painstaking clarity. Churning the rumor mills and turning this into a huge fiasco won’t help. Pinpoint analysis of the United States failing social structure which revolves around, inequality, the prison industrial complex and overall failure of the society at large must be examined.


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